Sunday, 29 March 2015

My Days of Clouds


Glided the days of fleecy clouds

Innocent, light, gilded with dreams

Sailing in the breeze, in the blue

Hard rocky ground was far away


Time gave mantras to fly away

Winds brewing in the vast deep blue

White days saddened into black clouds

Raging weather melted the dreams


No one to hold the falling dreams

That was ripped off from the high clouds

Into caverns was flung away

Gasping for breath the notes of Blues


Stormy days were painted in blue

Someone carried the sun away

No thread of light to weave the dreams

Shreds of blank thoughts slowly to cloud


Limping away my days of clouds

Of black and blue and shattered dreams



Posted for Bjorn’s Sunday MiniChallenge – not a Sestina but close @ Real Toads


Shared with Poetry Pantry @ PoetsUnited