Friday, 29 January 2016

The Birds!

courtesy: google image

Hundreds of black crows

Shelter less by last night storm

Cawed in unison


To mourn

The death of their peer

By the electric wire

Dangling menacingly

For more prey


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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

A Green Mirror

Source: Google Image

A green little pond

Is a rare sight in Kolkata these days

Icing on the cake is

There is a blue, blue kingfisher too

Swinging on the cable wire

Loosely hanging over the pond

Pondering perhaps:

To dive or not to dive

In the wink of an eye

It goes in


There’s a silver flash

In its long brown beak

I am fed too

With happiness

How I wish this pond to hold on

To its fish-dream forever

If I had the power

I would hide it

From the greedy eyes of Real Estates


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source: Morguefile

It’s an effort to breathe

Without cease

When each moment

Strives to stifle

It’s giving, embracing

Without a complaint



It’s the gentle breeze

Of candle light

Blowing away

The dusty darkness

It’s burning, melting

Without a stir

Every night


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Saturday, 23 January 2016



The flaming desire

The abyss of ego

Will not let me be free

From this whirlwind-cycles of life

I come again and again

Bringing with me

The seed of my past karma

Nourish it with self love

And eat the fruit

When they are sweet

I cherish and lose myself in it

Creating more seeds

For this life, next life

When they taste bitter

Make me numb in sorrow

I groan

Play the blame-game


Will this feast never stop?


I wish to cut off all those tendrils of karma

That bind me to the flesh

Taking me away from Thou

My beloved God

Fill my every emptiness

With Thine thoughts

Let my desire be to see Thou

My beloved Lord

My beloved Father

My beloved Mother

My beloved Friend

My beloved Love

Let this little boat sail

Towards Thine shore

Thou alone Art True

All else is false, vain

Smeared with death


Posted for Sanaa’s Prompt Nights – Nothing Haunts Quite Like Karma [3] 

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Himalayan Dream

The Himalayan Monal: Source

I’ll dust the cloud from window pane

To see the sun leap up on mountaintop

I’ll drown myself in birdsong

Then walk like a Monal*

Radiating dazzling colors of joy

My Himalayan dream

Is a skein of wild geese on migration


I’ll catch those beads of frost on my palm

When the lofty pines will sigh

I’ll treasure the touch

Of mossy oaks and, stately deodars**

And the smooth silvery bark of the tall firs

My Himalayan dream

Is the rare blue poppy pushing out of the thawing soil


I’ll keep the lone moon cascading on the snow caps

In my swaying rib cage

I’ll free my mind of the thoughts that walk snow-leopard like

In fear of the poachers coveting its smoky gray skin

I’ll bring with me the rock solid spirit of ibex

My Himalayan dream

Is a dense reddish brown woolly coated Tahr***to keep all warm




*Monal is a Himalayan bird with nine iridescent colors

**Deodar is a species of cedar in western Himalayas

***Tahr is a relative of the wild goat

This poem is inspired by Words From Cold Mountain by Han-Shan 

Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Mountain @ Poets United

Saturday, 16 January 2016



Dawn’s soft pink downs,

A teary twilight,

Clapping monsoon clouds

In appreciation of peacock dance

The lofty Himalayas,

Looking over the Ganga,

Grains of planets and stars

Strewn across the universe

Singing the song of existence

Rob me of my desire,

Tears of joy trickle down the cheeks

All words melt into non-existence

I am silent.


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Friday, 15 January 2016

The Hunt


The moon’s spinneret secret silver threads

The field mouse dreads

The screech that’s shredding the silent silver night

The feathered feet in flight

Would swoop down with talon eager and gay

To clutch and tear its prey

Making a grand meal of the fateful day

The cold wind howls while the silver corns shiver

Deadly wings ride the wind, circle and hover

The field mouse dreads the feathered feet in flight to clutch and tear its prey



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Wednesday, 13 January 2016



When you feel that unpleasant emptiness

In your stomach

Take a food item

Need not be your favorite one

Watch it closely

Aren’t you amazed?

Don’t you feel the pull


Its physique



And ultimately

Towards its taste?

They do melt on the tongue

Oozing happiness

The taste buds, teeth, cells

Are nothing short of miracles

Are they not?


To some

Food is a marvel 

Their eyes glued to the twinkling breadcrumbs

Strewn upon the sky

So distant and unreachable

They frantically search for those

In trash cans, dust, dreams……

To some

Food is a nightmare

For they want to shrink

Beyond recognition

A size-0 ethereal fashionista

They desire to morph into

Subsisting on crash diet


Are food-stuff themselves


They are born as ingredients

To be cooked by the Statesmen of their lands

And served on battlefields

Of foreign shores


Posted for Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Food

Saturday, 2 January 2016



Touch of perfection is everywhere

In every sphere

From an atom to a nebula

Think of a rose

Its softness

Its fragrance

So dreamlike

It needs to have thorns too

That’s what makes it perfect

Like our life

Bubbling and waving and roaring

Then Stops flowing

By Death’s restful hands

Perfection is this unique balance


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