Wednesday, 26 March 2014

                                       courtesy : Google image
Two little girls of Third Grade
Gave me flowers in a spirit of play
Two Kadams* they were
Fleurs pour moi?
Les filles ont ri et ont disparu

The Kadam season passed
Their undaunted spirit plunged on origami
Two paper dolls I received
Tes poupee de papier
Est tres bien
Les filles ont ri et ont disparu

They are now in Seventh Grade
Kadams stick to the trees
Paper is a paper
Elles ont grandi

* Neolamarckia cadamba, commonly called Kadam ) is an evergreen, tropical tree native to South and Southeast Asia. . It has scented orange flowers in dense globe-shaped clusters. The flowers are used in perfumes. The tree is grown as an ornamental plant and for timber and paper-making. Kadam features in Indian mythology and religion.

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