Tuesday, 20 May 2014


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I want darkness

All over the sky

Tawny grasses

To revive

To walk in the puddle

Getting drenched

Waiting so long

For lashing rain


White clouds tease

In leisurely way

Pitiless sun

Drags the day away

The heart longs for thunder

And the silver flash

The rich and the poor

Get Nature’s lash


The strict mother

Is in teaching mode

Taking away the gifts

She once bestowed

Her whining children

Blame each other

Not yet ready

To face disaster


The planet’s motion

Will not stop

The sun and the moon

Will be as before

Knowledge in subtle form

Will be in stasis

Mother will rise

For another genesis


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“Arise awake stop not till the goal is reached”*


I wonder

What do we do first

Arise then awake

Or do the opposite

What does Swamiji mean


And one morning


I woke up

See, awake first

Then rose to my feet

And arise, later


I wonder

Why did Swamiji say this


I was charting my day

On the terrace

A breezy whisper startled me

"Look around you

And thank the Lord for this

Wake up will you"


I found

The soft baby sun

The Jingling trees

The purple heaven

A solitary star

All looking at me

Singing of flux


I woke up

I was reborn


*this is a quote by Swami Vivekananda (fondly called Swamiji by the people), a Hindu monk of the nineteenth century


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