Wednesday, 25 September 2013

For : Haiku Heights
        Day 26 Sept.
Prompt : Salt


That bloke’s bloated words
Take in with a pinch of salt
He’s a minister

For : Real Toads

The Challenge:
To write a poem using any of the Future Sailor’s lyrics and we must use the whole line of lyric and not just one word

courtesy :


Future sailors

Blinking, Flashing

On god forsaken land

All electronic castaways

Robot starfish gather one by one

They have received signal

And manage at last a huge workhorse

To rescue these greenhorns

Future sailors flash a smile

And feel connected

But Nylon Admiral and cyborg sea-dog

Cast their grouchy glance

On the once digital stowaways

Without a flash they curtly sail away

And disappear into the mist for ever

Leaving them behind