Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Playful Clouds

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It’s time  

Clouds ought to put forth

Their white sail

Smile indulgingly

At the Kans grass

Be happy

Seeing their pretty faces

On the placid sheets of water

Where honey talks are going on

Between the blue lotus and the bee

And look at the glistening fronds

Swaying gently and beckoning

The festive days

But the naughty clouds

Won’t listen to you

Putting on black garbs

They’ll pass time

In nightly carousal

And if you are alone like me

Waiting for the loved ones

To return home safely

Then you are their chosen victim

They will break into your house

Turn everything topsy-turvy

And make you dance

All the while they are in

Their play is our ordeal

Will they ever know that?


Posted for Alan’s prompt Clouds @ Poetry Jam