Wednesday, 20 January 2016

The Himalayan Dream

The Himalayan Monal: Source

I’ll dust the cloud from window pane

To see the sun leap up on mountaintop

I’ll drown myself in birdsong

Then walk like a Monal*

Radiating dazzling colors of joy

My Himalayan dream

Is a skein of wild geese on migration


I’ll catch those beads of frost on my palm

When the lofty pines will sigh

I’ll treasure the touch

Of mossy oaks and, stately deodars**

And the smooth silvery bark of the tall firs

My Himalayan dream

Is the rare blue poppy pushing out of the thawing soil


I’ll keep the lone moon cascading on the snow caps

In my swaying rib cage

I’ll free my mind of the thoughts that walk snow-leopard like

In fear of the poachers coveting its smoky gray skin

I’ll bring with me the rock solid spirit of ibex

My Himalayan dream

Is a dense reddish brown woolly coated Tahr***to keep all warm




*Monal is a Himalayan bird with nine iridescent colors

**Deodar is a species of cedar in western Himalayas

***Tahr is a relative of the wild goat

This poem is inspired by Words From Cold Mountain by Han-Shan 

Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Mountain @ Poets United