Tuesday, 25 November 2014

How to Sleep


Switch off the world

That glitters on screen

Or buzzes in your ears

At least two hours before

You go to bed

Hang a No Entry board

Inside the beautiful premises

Of your mind

So that no unwanted thoughts

Lay siege to your fort

Even if they shout outside

In their glaring silence

Simply ignore

Talk less

Food mustn’t be heavy

Neither for the body nor mind

Take a simple book

Even a children’s book would do

Mustn’t read lying

Sit and read

It’s good if the bed is comfortable

But mind needs the real relief

There’s no need to panic

If sleep doesn’t descend on the eyes


Feel happy

Close the book

Switch off the light

Lie down


Good Night


Posted for Gabriella’s prompt ~ A How To Poem~ @ Poetry Jam