Saturday, 16 August 2014

Some Plants Need Fire To Survive

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Forest dies

The ash wasteland sighs

Forest fire’s nightmare still battering

The black muted pain gives off the odor of death

I am reminded of the adage

One’s loss is another’s

Obvious gain


Jack Pine waits

The fire-worshipper

For its deity to open up cones

To free the seeds like Sequoia’s or Manzanita’s

Only to confirm the adage that

One’s loss is another’s

Obvious gain


Mushroom clouds

Hover over ghost towns

Marauding aliens loot Baghdad

Dazed victim’s dead eyes vacantly search everywhere

The Dove for their offspring

I find Mother Courage*

Counting gains

image source here


*Bertolt Brecht’s immortal character in the play Mother Courage and Her Children who was blind to her loss and expected to thrive in Wars


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