Tuesday, 18 November 2014



If you ask me who I am

I’d say a rivulet perhaps

Originated from love’s paradise

Flowing all life

Discovering surprising bends

Towards an unknown infinity

With the dream

Of giving up this identity

To become one with it

I have sung


Mingled with many a stream

Our kinds varied

Nevertheless we grew

Together we made this journey smooth

Over jagged rocks

I have moaned

Even have frozen

Suffered separation

When parts of me

Branched out

At different times

Taking new course

But the flow is not without joy

I’ve loved this life

In this long pilgrimage

I have seen the sunrise

The moonlit silver streams

And also a Pole Star

My wavy notes dream

Of never losing the way

 Into some dreary deserts

Rather as the time will draw near

Let the dark sky twinkle

With the hope

Of touching the Infinite One


Posted for Brian’s prompt Identity @ Poetry Jam