Sunday, 27 April 2014

                                                              courtesy WWF

Where each atom meditates
Silence reigns supreme
There’s our* home
In the Himalayas
Where the leaf deer** springs
And a 100 million year gecko*** ticks
There’s our home
In the Himalayas
Where I become one with the leaves
And fly in the moist air to my heart’s content
There’s our home
In the Himalayas
But lately we feel the atoms quaking
As your piercing eyes have found us out
Will our Paradise be lost?
But WE were not disobedient

*Flying frogs discovered in 2008 in the Eastern Himalayas, (a biological treasure trove now threatened by climate change)
**One of the world’s oldest and smallest deer species (Muntiacus Putaoensis)
***a newly discovered reptile
Courtesy: WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature)

Posted for Margaret’s prompt Play it Again, Toads #4

I used Archive #1     Transforming Frog Day!!
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