Tuesday, 16 September 2014


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Some people are crazy

Bitten by the wander-lust bug

They would vie for

Looking at the same sun

Same moon and the same blue sky

To carve out a new meaning

They would risk their life

On the moon soil

Scratch their head

If they could have a mermaid dance

In the Mariana Trench

In the pacific

And some would delve deep

Into their soul

Listening to the song

Of consciousness

Entreating them

To open their eyes

To the cosmic dance

In their whole being

Through countless births


We all live for this craziness

Because this is life


Posted for Gabriella’s prompt Travel @ dVerse Poetics


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In this land of festivals

Paddy harvesting

Brings color and joy

Many States

Celebrate harvesting  

In diverse names

In Kerala it’s ‘Onam’

‘Bihu’ in Assam

‘Nabanna’ in Bengal

Tamil Nadu’s ‘Pongal’

From north to South

And east to west

All want to live in joy

In harmony and in peace

So in the name of harvest

No one misses the chance

To sing and dance

Design Rangoli*

In the hope

Of bringing good luck

Seeking happiness

And embracing tradition


*Traditional Indian decorations and patterns made with ground rice, flour, colored sand, sawdust or flower petals done usually during various festivals keeping both the art form and tradition alive.



Posted for Mary’s prompt Harvest @ Poetry Jam