Wednesday, 30 April 2014


                                 courtesy : google image

That eye of promise
Does set every heart aflame
With returning pledge

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The trigger happy police
Always first to fire
They try to trap the naive
In political quagmire
The telegraph pole
They filled with bullet-hole
And are very prompt to put
Truth on funeral pyre
This is the story of each and every nation
Thus workers unite for May-Day Celebration

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(APRIL – 30)

                                         from wikipedia, fair use
In the barren land
Where silence is chiseled
Into poison
Each grain of time
Is spent in
Brewing bloodshed
You begin
An explorer’s life there
As a plowman?
Seeding Love?
No wonder
The Betrayal cost only
Thirty pieces of silver

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014


              (APRIL – 29)

                                  Imaginary Garden With Real Toads

Who are you?
(Can’t you guess?)
But you’re not cuckoo
(Aww...don’t make a mess)
You must be green for I can’t see you
(Aha…Leaves are cozy)
You are not single…are you?
(Hey…stop being so nosey)
Your mate has same color as you?
(O my....question about color and race!)
A mother, a father or a lover what are you?
(Oh....another one without grace)
My dearest bird I’m sending the voice of you
(How and pray why?)
In word form to far-away lands you’ll like it won’t you?
(Do as you like…good bye)*

*That’s the end of my conversation with this unseen friend of mine who wakes me up every single day…I hope to get a glimpse of this feathered friend one day J

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Monday, 28 April 2014



                                                  courtesy : google image
Bone-dry land’s jaws gape
No mercy-drop from above
Life scorched and curled up
Peacock-dance a distant dream
Indian summer rages

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

                                                              courtesy WWF

Where each atom meditates
Silence reigns supreme
There’s our* home
In the Himalayas
Where the leaf deer** springs
And a 100 million year gecko*** ticks
There’s our home
In the Himalayas
Where I become one with the leaves
And fly in the moist air to my heart’s content
There’s our home
In the Himalayas
But lately we feel the atoms quaking
As your piercing eyes have found us out
Will our Paradise be lost?
But WE were not disobedient

*Flying frogs discovered in 2008 in the Eastern Himalayas, (a biological treasure trove now threatened by climate change)
**One of the world’s oldest and smallest deer species (Muntiacus Putaoensis)
***a newly discovered reptile
Courtesy: WWF (World Wide Fund For Nature)

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I used Archive #1     Transforming Frog Day!!
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Saturday, 26 April 2014

     Full Moon Nights
                                         courtesy : google image

The wily man is contesting polls
The wherewithal has arrived timely
Hanging that winsome smile
He’s begging for votes with folded hand
He doesn’t mind a wonky chair
Or vituperative words of the opponent
He chuckles and tames the werewolf
 Within him and waits with patience
After the win he’s ready to welcome
 Full moon nights that each day will bring

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Friday, 25 April 2014

Lisa Gordon Photography

I love nights
When it smells jasmine
And moths fly
I love moths
When they rush to taste light
I love dreadlocks
They are my banyans
Under which
I lay my head and sleep
In the day
From the arched door
A face emerges
She comes and tells me
“I am your mother”
I don’t know her
But her eyes are tearful
And what’s a mother anyway?

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Thursday, 24 April 2014

                                         courtesy : google image

Words rock and roll
My country goes to poll
The political tongue
Full of harangue
From beings without a soul
My country goes to poll
We follow the monkey trail
Chanting the promises so frail
Made by beings without soul
My country goes to poll
(Read somewhere “democracy without education is hypocrisy without limitation”…full-fledged election campaign is going on in we are helplessly watching media blaring out
their wisdom these lines came to my mind)

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The mighty one
I like how
You dissect wonder
And free reason
Slit fear
To birth light
But I abhor
When your children
Wipes out civilization
By throttling
Sane voices
And you watch
Tears in your eyes
How wretchedly helpless
You are
You’re picking up pebbles
By that shore
Where Paced Buddha the mighty one
And the Nazarene spoke more

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A Cacophony of Birdsong
                                            courtesy : google image

My day breaks
With the cacophony of birdsong
My heart dances
This waking can never go wrong
My eyes capture
Another iris’s soft crimson glow
My soul feels
The gentle breezy freedom’s flow
A beautiful prayer- moment for all arrives
May Mother Nature and her babies thrive
May this little dream for all survives

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