Wednesday, 25 February 2015

To the Martyrs of the Bengali Language*



She is a mother

Living in every land

Blessing her children

With her love

Which her words carry

Suckling them

With its blessed touch

Raising them

In their cadence of warmth

Giving them

All her strength

To stand upright

When tyranny’s hands

Shoot them with hatred

Mother comes out

As drops of fragrant bloom

From the deep wound

Of the heart

And fills the world


* Language Movement Day or Language Revolution Day or Bengali Language Movement Day (Bengali: ভাষা আন্দোলন দিবসBhasha Andolôn Dibôs), which is also referred to as Language Martyrs' Day or Martyrs' Day (Bengali: শহীদ দিবস Shôhid Dibôs), is a national day of Bangladesh to commemorate protests and sacrifices to protect Bengali as a national language during Bengali Language Movement of 1952.
In 1952, Bengali students in East Pakistan rose up and protested against the Pakistani government for declaring Urdu as the national language. The majority of the Pakistani citizens (as of 1952), about 54% of the citizens, were Bengali. In the protest several students died for defending the Bengali language for themselves and for the future generations.

Now UNESCO's declaration of 21st February as the International Mother Language Day has brought fresh glory and prestige to Bangladesh.


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