Tuesday, 9 September 2014


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The words

I see have wavy face

Their space

Boundless and unfathomable

As I walk by their shores

Every single sunrise and sunset

Of everyday wear a virgin look

I think of tides, currents, expeditions,

And history of course


The words

Breathe salty air so closed to life

I dive into their depth

Holding my breath

Ah breathtaking truths, beauty

And dark hollows

Come in sight

No one knows if ever any light

Will there reach


The words

Are here from

Time immemorial

Breaking on the shores of heart

Reflecting a world within a world

Spoken, written, sketched, etched, sculpted and sang

By genius and common man

For me, you and all


Posted for Peggy’s prompt Sea @ poetry Jam

A Birth

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In suffocating pressure

Heart and soul burn

Gasp for a dot of air, light

And pray a million years

To be released

From the hellish dungeon

Once out

Days of

Planning, Cleaving, Bruting

Begin; days drag on

Till bathing in acid

Is done meticulously

Only then the pallor is gone

A radiant luster peeps

The whole body glows

The diamond smiles

All suffering ends

Without darkness

There is no birth of light


Posted for Anthony’s prompt @ dVerse Poetics – Bringing Light To Darkness