Sunday, 13 April 2014

                                           The Potato Eaters by Vincent Van Gogh

Spirit is breathless
Scanning and following rhythm
Plunge into free verse

Perspectives and lines
Grammatical art and craft
Potato Eaters* smile

Classic notes rule well
No strumming, drumming, humming
Add words and bring joy

Black calendar dates
To tie us up with routine
Sunday is red…YAY

*: 'Let them prattle on about technique as much as they like in their pharisaic, hollow, hypocritical terms--true painters are guided by the consciousness known as sentiment. Their souls, their minds are not there for the brush, the brush is there for their minds'………this was Vincent Van Gogh’s reaction to the critics who failed to appreciate Van Gogh’s sincerity to portray peasants” at their most purest and most primitive living in harmony with their unspoiled natural environment”.

Posted for Grace’s prompt @ Real Toads “Sunday Mini-challenge: Routines, smeared by orange juice
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