Thursday, 22 May 2014


The white fragrant night

The only solace for summer heat

All these sun hating blooms

Dispel my sweaty gloom

Their scented greetings fill me

And draw my Te Deum towards them

A bevy of beautiful maidens

Whitely clad in potted garden

 My Gandharaj*, Beli** and Juin***

Love your brief sojourn


*Gardenia angusta

**Jasminum sambac


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courtesy : google image

I can’t find that rhythm

The seasons once danced in

The air is grave and stern

I wish to bring back the hamadryads

For my skin burns as the leaves sigh

I wish I could dig a brand new river

Unblemished by human hands

Then watch its stealthy flow

Alas! That is not to be

For those hands

Have heaven and earth

 In their unholy grip


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