Friday, 31 October 2014

The Things We See

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I am amazed

At the perpetual festivity

All around us

The moment a lonely shy bud

Hidden from the beholders

Slowly blooms

Opening out her

Hesitant petals

There’s honeyed joy



Even in death

There’s no dearth

Of jubilation

The excited ants run

To and fro

With a death news

Hundreds celebrate

And drag a defeated

Dragonfly for a feast

All the blanks

Are duly filled up


When my heart turns to stone

The sun still shines

When a mother loses her son in bomb blast

Quietly flows the Ganges

When the air of mistrusts breed enmity

The fragrant lotus blooms

Our loss is only our loss

There’s no scarcity of joy

In this paradise of life


Written for dVerse MTB – The ThingsWe See