Friday, 31 October 2014

The Things We See

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I am amazed

At the perpetual festivity

All around us

The moment a lonely shy bud

Hidden from the beholders

Slowly blooms

Opening out her

Hesitant petals

There’s honeyed joy



Even in death

There’s no dearth

Of jubilation

The excited ants run

To and fro

With a death news

Hundreds celebrate

And drag a defeated

Dragonfly for a feast

All the blanks

Are duly filled up


When my heart turns to stone

The sun still shines

When a mother loses her son in bomb blast

Quietly flows the Ganges

When the air of mistrusts breed enmity

The fragrant lotus blooms

Our loss is only our loss

There’s no scarcity of joy

In this paradise of life


Written for dVerse MTB – The ThingsWe See


  1. This made me to think beyond what i really feel... so touching... :(

  2. This is so true. How lucky we are that there is always 'perpetual festivity' and thus a good reason to rejoice if we remember to look and appreciate.

  3. I like the attitude expressed by your poem, Sumana. There is always some kind of 'silver lining' to be found, despite difficult situations in our midst.

  4. What you say is true, for us the world stops, but the world continues to give its gifts. Our wounds have to heal enough that we can notice.

  5. What a groovy piece. Really love the last two lines- and how they bring it all home.

  6. Yes.. human beings.. are burdened with a mind that worries instead of a way of life..:)

    Ah.. the cat who hugs the midnight grass and rolls in the daylight sand.. is the inheritor of the earth.. every now.. of every now.. of every now.. and all the cat's animal, plant, and other friends..:)

    Life is lovely when one truly lives..:)

    LIFE IS UGLY, when one worries...

    In fact, it can be heaven for those who understand it is..

    In fact, it can be hell for those who understand it is...

    Life is funny.. Living is great! to CELEBRATE!


  7. when it is our loss...there can feel like a scarcity of joy...but there are always places to find joy if we are willing to look for hard to be the mother though losing a child...

  8. i like how you make the connection here from the small things to the big ones and how they influence each other...

  9. So great. I really enjoyed the part about the ants celebrating. The last stanza is powerful and I agree - joy is all around us if we're willing to see it. Nicely done.

  10. It is far too easy to see the negative energy all around us, those events the media hype. Too often when tragedy visits me, I feel abandoned on the edge of the freeway, the only victim in sight as everyone else speeds by; so your premise is valid, your insight significant, using the eyes of emotion, of heart & soul.

  11. Sumana this holds so much truth and so much beauty!

  12. How beautiful this reads specially the ending line ~ Even in grief and sadness there is love and joy ~

  13. Often it's hard to celebrate life midst trial and despair, hunger and war...the human spirit is so resilient I am amazed constantly.

  14. You highlight beautifully the idea that life goes on, that even in the bad times there is beauty and encouragement and eternal things.


  15. Life is for living and we have to live it in all circumstances.

  16. Such an uplifting poem. We all have our disappointments and tragedies--and if we can still find the positives in life, then we're the lucky ones.

  17. This reads beautifully. As lovely as delicate wind chimes on fragrant lotus bloom breezes.


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