Saturday, 6 September 2014

An Ordinary Life

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The first time I saw you

When our garlands were exchanged 

On the wedding night

The first time I touched you

When our hands were tied by mantras

There was happiness all around

With tearful eyes my baba and ma

Gave my hands to you

To take me far away from them

Love was not at first sight

But there was no dearth of promise

By God’s grace we could give

A loving home to our only child

A very ordinary life

May not be with much color

With pomp and grandeur

With loud laughter and songs

Or feet aching dancing

Neither any rocking earthquake

Nor spewing of lava

Avalanche or quicksand engulfing all

I wonder why we are not

Bored to death

But we are not

May be because

The life is so ordinary


Posted for Poetry Pantry @ Poets United