Tuesday, 7 April 2015


It is an impossible train

Running through an endless tunnel

Most compartments

Are nightmare made:

A few imported from Paradise


A septuagenarian nun

Is gang raped and………

Culprits roam about scot free


Girl child is unwanted

And killed before seeing

The light of the day


Cacophony of politicians

Their adulterated promises


Wedding bells in discord


Ivory towers of the rich


Beauty wafting from the fragrance

Of Buddha’s lotus, incense sticks,


Joy glittering in church stained glasses

And even in some golden hearts


Sari clad beggar mothers


Film stars in skimpy dresses


Tagore songs at traffic signals


Lofty ideals of renunciation

Still picking up a few


Sigh of the oppressed


Students after being beaten

Offering flowers

To the posse of policemen


Etc. Etc.


A never-ending train

Like the tunnel…


 Posted for the prompt Impossibility @ Poetry Jam