Saturday, 9 April 2016

I Took You For Granted


I never imagined

One day you would be

A part of my yearning heart

Little sparrow

Even you carried song

In your pulsating throat

Even you!

And I was deaf and blind

To You

Those man-made iron giants*

Have killed you

Scared you away

Hope you will never go the dodo way

Hope you will never turn into words

To be read only

Never to be awakened

I pray to dawn

To send me this feathery ball of life

To sing and dance

As they did

Only a few days ago



*Mobile Towers. Radiation from these is being blamed for vanishing sparrows into thin air: Times of India.


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In between glum sky

And dewy eyed, listless Earth

My tulip dreams spread

Grief is the shadowy hill

The sole silent onlooker


Posted for Sanaa’s Prompt Nights ~ Spring is the time of land’s awakening [11] @ A Dash Of Sunny

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