Saturday, 9 April 2016

I Took You For Granted


I never imagined

One day you would be

A part of my yearning heart

Little sparrow

Even you carried song

In your pulsating throat

Even you!

And I was deaf and blind

To You

Those man-made iron giants*

Have killed you

Scared you away

Hope you will never go the dodo way

Hope you will never turn into words

To be read only

Never to be awakened

I pray to dawn

To send me this feathery ball of life

To sing and dance

As they did

Only a few days ago



*Mobile Towers. Radiation from these is being blamed for vanishing sparrows into thin air: Times of India.


Posted for Hannah’s hosting Transforming with Nature’s Wonders @ RealToads



  1. Oh, poor sparrows. Everything is struggling in this man-made disaster.........

  2. This is so sad.. I feel for those poor delicate creatures...

  3. Oh I have not heard about that aspect.. Poor sparrows.

  4. What a sad story. From the evidence in my garden, sparrows are in abundance still.

  5. It is quite evident in my world that the number of sparrows are few. They are hardly the common sparrow anymore. More common are magpies. I did not know about this reason for the diminishing sparrows. An interesting poem.

  6. Oh how awful! I wasn't aware of this happening. My neighborhood is alive with sparrow song and I'd miss the cheeky things if they suddenly disappeared.

  7. This poem's tone is one of longing and beautifully spilled love for these creatures. I love this part:

    "I pray to dawn
    To send me this feathery ball of life
    To sing and dance"

    Beautiful. Thank you, for writing!

  8. Oh dear--very sad . And in India, there's the pollution too--well, everywhere. Very sweet poem. Thanks. k.

  9. Sad indeed!! Sometimes we don't miss / notice until it is (almost) too late.

  10. It seems everything we do, kills something....maybe not a bad way to go?

  11. The little birds are often ignored but I hope I will always hear and see them on my bike rides. I loved your line about "Those man-made iron giants" being in the way. Thank you for opening my eyes.

  12. I too miss them like anything!
    In my recent visit to Shillong I saw them and you cant imagine how happy I was to see them after years!
    I pity Today's generation they miss so many things, yet think that they are more lucky? than us!

  13. Excellent take on this sad piece of news!
    Even you carried song, In your pulsating throat
    Even you!"...poignant!


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