Wednesday, 25 March 2015



Poor, poor them

They are captivated

In their adamantine chain of ego

Sharpening their tooth and nail

At hapless victims

Every link of the shackle has a story

Of oppression, paranoia and envy

At their serpentine move

Many a heart skips the beat

A life not worth it


And some have captivated God

In their hearts with a chain of love

Streams of light

Flow through their veins

Their words carry ambrosia

Infusing life into numb souls

Every link of the shackle has a story

Of renunciation, devotion and service

Their graceful steps are truly

Lotus petals in zephyr swaying

A life worth living


Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Captivity @ Poets United

Tea or Coffee?


Aroma of tangerine liquor

And sunlight’s soft melody


The morning ambrosia

To lift the spirit

For the day

Darjeeling tea

Bridges the gap between

Lips and the white china cup


Posted for Gabriella’s prompt Tea or Coffee? @ Poetry Jam