Wednesday, 30 July 2014


Gandhiji : google image

The chopped off thumbs

Of the artisans of Muslin

By the British rulers

Might have entered

Into Gandhi’s dream

Moist with the tears

Of the Bengal weavers

A majority of them were Muslims

That chanted in each cell

Of the nonviolent man

To make a call to boycott 

British goods later on

And to return to spinning

It was not a call to turn against technology

But to boost an economy

And to bring a smile to the mass

That were sinking into abyss

Day by day by inhuman

Oppression by human kind

That came from far away

Crossing seven seas and thirteen rivers

To suck blood from this ancient land

That never knew aggression

And only spread peace

Across the world

A place where philosophy was born



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