Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Red & White


The six colors of the huge bow in the sky

Shifted to the Red band

Staining them with the hue

Then came down on this Earth

As one red butterfly

Sitting on a white rose


I was amazed to see


How the bright red wings

Were slowly transforming them into alphabets

Until a word was formed:


O Lord!


How to change those stony hearts

Into the soft petals

Of a fragrant love

To turn this nightmare

Of a world

Into a honeyed cote

Of the White Dove?



*A total of 147 people were shot dead in a terror attack at Garrisa University, Kenya, this year. Most of the victims were students. It’s a gruesome sight to see the walls of the rooms stained with their dried up blood. Many of whom were first generation university goers with the rainbow-dreams of supporting their family in future.


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