Saturday, 20 June 2015

Ode to the Wrist Watches


I use a pair of wrist watches

They are not mine, though

They belonged to my daughter

Who is now beyond touch

And even beyond time

Those two unkind hands

Both wiped her tears and smile

And her total self

They go on tick ticking

Playing like a see-saw

Throwing me high up into the place

When the world was baby soft

And made of light, flowers and dream

Then bringing me down to the dreary landscape

Till my voice becomes choked with salt

They exert their power on me

Like the orcas playing with seals

Before gulping them down

But there is a light within

That holds me against them

Every day it whispers to me,

“Bear with them a while”

And I listen to the voice of light

I am bearing the unbearable


Posted for Karin’s hosting Sunday Mini- Challenge – Ode to the Quotidian @ Real Toads

Sharing with Poetry Pantry @ Poets United