Thursday, 24 April 2014

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Words rock and roll
My country goes to poll
The political tongue
Full of harangue
From beings without a soul
My country goes to poll
We follow the monkey trail
Chanting the promises so frail
Made by beings without soul
My country goes to poll
(Read somewhere “democracy without education is hypocrisy without limitation”…full-fledged election campaign is going on in we are helplessly watching media blaring out
their wisdom these lines came to my mind)

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The mighty one
I like how
You dissect wonder
And free reason
Slit fear
To birth light
But I abhor
When your children
Wipes out civilization
By throttling
Sane voices
And you watch
Tears in your eyes
How wretchedly helpless
You are
You’re picking up pebbles
By that shore
Where Paced Buddha the mighty one
And the Nazarene spoke more

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A Cacophony of Birdsong
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My day breaks
With the cacophony of birdsong
My heart dances
This waking can never go wrong
My eyes capture
Another iris’s soft crimson glow
My soul feels
The gentle breezy freedom’s flow
A beautiful prayer- moment for all arrives
May Mother Nature and her babies thrive
May this little dream for all survives

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