Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Your Favorites

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It’s not true that I never played with dolls

It’s also true that I played with bats and balls

A wild child with unkempt hair was me

Who loved climbing a special mango tree

Spoilsport red ants would declare war

Taking the gazelle form we’d jump afar

Limbs were in place but if the news got home by some dolt

Spanks were not spared to make sure the child wasn’t spoilt

Long time ago all this took place

Seems yesterday as I ride time’s crest

I’ve kept that child secured inside me

Who often whispers about that magical tree

Where that childhood still hangs like fronds

And inspires with Nature to make bonds



Written for Peggy’s prompt YourFavorites @ Poetry Jam


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                               Sleepless eyes                     

                    Work harder for a scoop

          To feed thousand minds drooling in wait

The more spicy the happenings the more is the sale

           Drunkard causes Princess D’s demise?

                 Beehive world’s busy for

                             Breaking news


                          Sleepless eyes

                    Guard us on frontier

       Desert storms and blizzards blow over

    Enemy bullets often snuff out these lives

      Unsung they return home in coffin

               No news channels for them

                         Our heroes


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The poem is written in Triquain. Syllable division per line is as follows:

3 - 6 - 9 - 12 - 9 - 6 - 3   (and so on)

 Written for Mary’s prompt News @ dVersePoetics