Saturday, 8 November 2014

To a Hate Campaigner


I see a man walking on fire

Fire in the shape of words

Rolling down his tongue

Through the lava tube of the frail body

There is a volcanic flow

24 x 7


In the stormy Phlegethon*

He is drowning

And burning out

Drifting away

From the magic of life

Where water is love


If I had that power

I would make a littoral cave

In his blazing heart

So that he might croon

In spring flower phrase

And change the storm into a zephyr


I want him to sing

“Grant me my day

so I might yet search myself

and weep for love of myself”

A phoenix** never fails

To rise from its ash



*In Greek mythology it is a stream of fire flowing in the infernal region of the underworld.


**I like to believe that a man always learns from his mistakes because he is a man.


Posted for Grace’s hosting Sunday’s Mini-Challenge: Salvatore Quasimodo @ Real Toads


I used first two lines and the last line of the first stanza of Quasimodo’s poem Grant Me My Day