Tuesday, 15 July 2014


When Nature or Fate chuckles at us

We are taken aback in awe

Take the case of “miracle baby”

The mother conceived it

In her fallopian tube

The father was morosely driving

To the hospital to relieve

The mother of her pain

By having it operated

On the way they met with an accident

The father escaped unscathed

Mother received the blow in her

Lower abdomen and the baby

Was forced its way to the safe

Home of mother’s uterus


Or take the case of that man

Whose eyes only saw

The dense black waves and

Made his world the darkest place

No human hands could

Give him back those light

Of which he had no experience

Yet on one stormy day

He was struck by lightning

And Lo and Behold

The world revealed to him

In color, light and joy*


So as Mary says we have to embrace

The journey and whatever it gifts us

Joy or sorrow we cannot avoid



*I came to learn of these two incidents from news channel and YouTube


Posted for Gabriella’s prompt Unexpected @ Poetry Jam