Tuesday, 15 July 2014


When Nature or Fate chuckles at us

We are taken aback in awe

Take the case of “miracle baby”

The mother conceived it

In her fallopian tube

The father was morosely driving

To the hospital to relieve

The mother of her pain

By having it operated

On the way they met with an accident

The father escaped unscathed

Mother received the blow in her

Lower abdomen and the baby

Was forced its way to the safe

Home of mother’s uterus


Or take the case of that man

Whose eyes only saw

The dense black waves and

Made his world the darkest place

No human hands could

Give him back those light

Of which he had no experience

Yet on one stormy day

He was struck by lightning

And Lo and Behold

The world revealed to him

In color, light and joy*


So as Mary says we have to embrace

The journey and whatever it gifts us

Joy or sorrow we cannot avoid



*I came to learn of these two incidents from news channel and YouTube


Posted for Gabriella’s prompt Unexpected @ Poetry Jam


  1. Both the incidents are unbelievable and tell us that life has its own twists and turns and we donot know what we will find at the next turn...

  2. You have a great way of putting any thing into your beautiful verse

  3. I love the way you put this together and how they compliment the prompt. Well done.

  4. Beautiful verse!
    Read my post for the promt here: http://wwwdanu.blogspot.in/2014/07/an-unexpected-call.html

  5. mmm true...at times it is hard to understand how things work together for the greater good...and then you see or hear of how the circumstances turned just right....small miracles....of the unexpected....very cool

  6. Sumana, I liked the way you weaved these two incredible stories into unexpected poems. Thanks for being such a loyal participant at PJ.

  7. I love the beautiful message of your poem, Sumana, and the very heartening examples you gave of how sometimes out of 'bad' things come miracles. And thanks for referring to MY poem. This made me smile. Have a great day, Sumana.

  8. luv your opening line, most unexpected happenings does seem to stem from that kind of essence, have a nice Wednesday

    much love...

  9. beautiful sumana..like said we can embrace life..the examples are so heartening...:)

  10. Miracles happen.I'm still waiting:)

  11. The two stories, you have chosen, compliment each other well and are perfect examples of the prompt "The Unexpected".

  12. Amazing! I love that kind of unexpected :-) Very clever take on the prompt

  13. Beautiful stories both... Miracles these are few yet makes us beleive in god again...

  14. Wonderful stories--unexpected miracles indeed. Thanks for sharing these tales.

  15. You have captured in your poem the essence of the unexpected, Sumana. Unbelievable stories and very nice way to put them down in words!

  16. Stories indeed need to be appreciated! That's creative how you have explained giving examples. Keep it up!

  17. Amazing stories, and certainly unexpected!

  18. Interesting how you have used the news stories to fashion a poem that responds to the prompt, Sumana. Unexpected occurrences can seem miraculous at times.


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