Wednesday, 3 June 2015

This poem is a sparrow, a child and a promise


This poem is a sparrow

This poem is an angel-child

This poem is an utterance that may be called a promise


This poem is homeless

It longs to make a nest in the holes, crevices of an old house

It is compelled to feed its fledglings with poisoned pests, alas!

It prays everyday to be free from the web of mobile radiation

This poem is a dwindling, empty nested sparrow


This poem is a playful, missing winged child

It loves to plant seeds with its little grubby hands

It cavorts with the twittering of a feathered friend

It buys birdhouse with piggy bank money

This poem is the dreamy twinkle of the eyes of a child


This poem is a green promise

It pledges to build its shelter with moonlight grove

It aspires to make this water bubble of the cosmos into a blue crystal

It wishes to bind all by a string of faith

This poem is a promise to connect every soul to create a peace abode


This poem is the shadow of a sparrow

This poem is a dreamy child

This poem is the verdant promise of a blue crystal in motion



I was inspired to write this poem in Boomerang Metaphors (invented by Hannah Gosselin ofMetaphors and Smiles) after reading the chat between Sherry and Elizabeth Crawford published on Monday the 1st June 2015 @ Poets United.



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