Tuesday, 13 May 2014


courtesy : google image
I have a friend
Dwelling inside me
She is sweet
Yet knows
When to be harsh
And hard
I don’t listen to her at all
When she is like that
I almost hate her then
I hear her chuckle
When salt clogs my throat
She is so unkind
Though in the stretched summer days
Or long dark winter nights
She speaks in fragrance
She is a friend in need
I am a shadow of her

Posted for Gabriella’s prompt Friends @ Poetry Jam

courtesy : d'verse

I am existence
I am in relationship
With the universe
Dusts and the stars
Stare at me
We do feel related
The universe will be non-existent
When I shall cease to be
What lingers
When all is said and done?

Posted for d’Verse where I answered the first question (who are you and whom do you love?) asked by MarinaSofia and included the last question as a part of my poem