Tuesday, 30 September 2014


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Like Durga Herself I am home

My mother celebrates our coming

She waits like Menaka* for the whole year

For this festive month

Alas! Where is Giriraj** my father?

There is joy everywhere

Nature drapes herself in beauty

Human-butterflies flit and enjoy

Pandal hopping***sucking honeyed festivity

Alas! Autumn’s misty eyes shed leaves

On this auspicious day

My only prayer for the daughters of my land is—

Be Thou Durga

Ride the lion of faith

Destroy Evil forever and bless one and all


*Menaka is the mother of Durga

**Giriraj is the Himalayas, the father of Durga

***The makeshift huge structures where the beautifully handcrafted idols of Goddess Durga are kept and people enjoy seeing them. There are thousands of such podiums where idols of Durga are installed along with stunning artwork and light d├ęcor throughout the cities, towns and villages.



Posted for Abhra’s prompt Modern Mythologies @ dVersePoetics


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Rabbits raining from an empty hat

Or the beautiful lady being cut in halves

Man walking on the flowing Thames

Or Criss Angel coming out breaking chains

We see you

Amazing magicians!!

And your art!!


A tangerine sky strains the sun from dark hours

Myriad life forms to sparkle forever

For unbearable life there’s death’s caress

Law tied cosmos can’t dream of a chaos

We can’t see you

Amazing Magician

Where Art Thou?


Posted for the prompt Magic @ Poetry Jam