Saturday, 29 November 2014



Eyes were new and so were the bones

Frolicking, chirping without moans

Summer-Spring of life with flowery frill

Universe sang just chill, chill, chill

Autumn’s still glowing with a bright light

Yet sinew’s losing that omnipotent might

Dawn, day and dusk have a strange new feel

Universe is singing chill, chill and chill

A time will come when harvest is done

The mind will long for the hidden sun

The sleepy physique will show time’s weal

Universe will whisper chill, chill, chill

The body and mind will be full of mirth

Awaiting keenly for another birth



Posted for Bjorn’s hosting Sunday-Mini-ChallengeTime-travel  where we are to write a poem using past, present and future time in the same poem @ Real Toads


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