Tuesday, 7 October 2014

If I Were

Neem Tree source

The tall Neem tree

Lovingly let the crow

Caw and clean its beak

On her dappled limb

If I were the Neem

Would I allow the scavenger

Come near me?

I wonder…..


The emerald pond

Beneath the Neem grieves

As he sees his sky pieced

By a sharp net of strings to trap birds

Hanging a few feet above him

If I were him would I ever let

The humans steal the bird-meal?

I wonder…..


Omnipotent humans

Know how to harness Nature

To meet all his demands

And cast Her away to silent tears

If I were Her

Would I ever let

These audacious worms live?

I wonder…..



Posted for Gabriella’s prompt “If I were Poems” @ Poetry Jam