Tuesday, 17 March 2015

The Birds


They arrived here last year

And made a litchi tree of our neighbor

Their home

The white bellied pond herons

With a buff-brown back

Strangely there wasn’t any water body

Where they roosted

Even croaky frogs left disgusted

As the pond was sucked up

And a dry new land appeared

For new houses, new life new happiness…….

With the pond


The fishes, crustaceans and aquatic insects

Did the herons go foraging a long distance?

Strange is the way of Mother Nature

She must have fed the birds well

Otherwise how would they sing

Their night away

With those hoarse songs

And scare the skeptic owls?

The topsy-turvy dance of Nature

Scares me

Reminds me of Apocalypse

What’s gone wrong I wonder

They are still here

Their tribe multiplying


Have they seen Hitchcock’s birds?



Posted for Peggy’s prompt Looking Back @ Poetry Jam