Thursday, 25 June 2015

Time Travel

Anxious faces of loved ones

See tears rolling down her cheeks

While her eyes are still closed

Though she can see

The green fields of yore

And she is playing there as a child

She hears the loving voices

Of her dear ones who are no more

She sees her as a bride

While the grooms face is vague

He left her long ago

When he breathed his last

She sees scenes after scenes

Taken from her life

Though her eyes remain closed

And tears stream down her cheeks

Her bosom still heaves slowly

Then becomes still

The loved ones bend over

Whispers fill the air


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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Summer Solstice


The longest day

Draped in black monsoon sari

Weeps a river

I smile

At her kohl smudged eye

As my fevered skin breathes blessings

The twittering, chirping little fairies

Touch each other’s wings

Bathing in the little pools

Appearing on the pathways

My heart sprouts

Blue glossy peacock feathers

And dances with thunderclap songs

On this longest day of the year

Let the days shed their light

Let the dark hours be gleeful

Let time’s hand pluck

The weary leaf one by one

And cover the ground

Nothing can take away today’s joy

When the monsoon taps her dancing feet

And the sun stands still



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Saturday, 20 June 2015

Ode to the Wrist Watches


I use a pair of wrist watches

They are not mine, though

They belonged to my daughter

Who is now beyond touch

And even beyond time

Those two unkind hands

Both wiped her tears and smile

And her total self

They go on tick ticking

Playing like a see-saw

Throwing me high up into the place

When the world was baby soft

And made of light, flowers and dream

Then bringing me down to the dreary landscape

Till my voice becomes choked with salt

They exert their power on me

Like the orcas playing with seals

Before gulping them down

But there is a light within

That holds me against them

Every day it whispers to me,

“Bear with them a while”

And I listen to the voice of light

I am bearing the unbearable


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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Father of My Nation


That non-violent heart of yours

Tasted three bullets

Served to you by your sons

I am Nirbhaya*

Born in the land of Buddha and you

They didn’t even spare me

My spirit won’t rest till you are reborn


Thou shouldst be living at this hour:

Bharat*** hath need of thee



*Nirbhaya means fearless (girl). India does not allow publicizing a rape victim’s name so the 23 year old girl who was gang raped and brutally assaulted in New Delhi in 2012 and later succumbed to the injuries was given the name Nirbhaya.


**Bapu ji is father in Hindi. Mahatma Gandhi was fondly called Bapu ji by the people of India.


***India is ‘Bharat’ in all the Indian languages.


The last two lines are taken from William Wordsworth’s poem London,1802 only I used the word Bharat instead of England.


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Saturday, 13 June 2015


I trust my sun who will always rise

I trust my stars who won’t forget to light

I trust my Ganga* who will ever purify

And my Himalayas who will pull me to His height


My soul has taken bath in fire yet not burnt

My soul has withstood fear-storm undaunted

Waves of doubt could never blow out Thy name

The trust in Thou glows in my soul like a flame


Be my storm, fire, deluge whatever Thou Will

With faith, trust, love let my heart be filled


*Ganga is the Ganges


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Friday, 12 June 2015

Weekend Wordle #2

Books adorning walls

In the big library hall

My own paradise


Wordle is a maze

Deep, darkening, enticing

Short of ideas


A funeral pyre

May consume an earthly form

Unscathed spirit lives

Kite plays with the wind

Desires for a higher sky

A finger controls


Leaders touch the ground

On a begging from door to door

Oh, there’s election


A red dawn

Sea water blazing

A boat sails


A pair of sweethearts

They are yet to name the day

We are curious


This tycoon’s

A grounded huge tree

Of humble birth


An alive planet

Needs hundreds of well wishers

To keep it going


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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Spring Joys


All over, joys spring

Everyone grips sun

Love of warmth spreads

Blooms and bees dream together

Honey-talk Begins

Flowers buzzing

Life burgeoning

Zephyr sings softly

Gaily clad Nature




Nature gaily clad

Softly sings zephyr

Burgeoning life

Buzzing flowers

Begin honey-talk

Together dream bees and blooms

Spread warmth of love

Sun grips everyone

Spring joys all over


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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Seeds of Time


He pulled aside the fog like a curtain

And entered my home

“Who are you?” my voice quivered

His eyes flashed and lips twitched in a smirk

His breath almost scorched my skin

He scattered seeds

That instantly burst forth into saplings

Grew tall, bloomed and withered

I was so engrossed in the dance

Of birth and death holding hands

That I didn’t notice

When he left

A cool breeze whispered into my ears

“Wake up, rise from the ashes”


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Monday, 8 June 2015



               I trust my lub-dub

   More than those crooked brain waves

               Results – accepted



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Sunday, 7 June 2015



I have a potted plant

I have placed it

Where my heart resides

Its leaves are forever green

Made of remembrance

Twosome dream blooms

With petals of teardrop love

Adorning the leafy twig

They glow, shimmer in joy

Dispelling darkness

I deeply inhale

Their fragrance of promise

That tell me

They shall never wilt



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                       (The word prompt today is Wilt)

Saturday, 6 June 2015

The Night Played Music

           Not a wink of sleep

The night played music with star notes

          Shy bride and her groom



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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

This poem is a sparrow, a child and a promise


This poem is a sparrow

This poem is an angel-child

This poem is an utterance that may be called a promise


This poem is homeless

It longs to make a nest in the holes, crevices of an old house

It is compelled to feed its fledglings with poisoned pests, alas!

It prays everyday to be free from the web of mobile radiation

This poem is a dwindling, empty nested sparrow


This poem is a playful, missing winged child

It loves to plant seeds with its little grubby hands

It cavorts with the twittering of a feathered friend

It buys birdhouse with piggy bank money

This poem is the dreamy twinkle of the eyes of a child


This poem is a green promise

It pledges to build its shelter with moonlight grove

It aspires to make this water bubble of the cosmos into a blue crystal

It wishes to bind all by a string of faith

This poem is a promise to connect every soul to create a peace abode


This poem is the shadow of a sparrow

This poem is a dreamy child

This poem is the verdant promise of a blue crystal in motion



I was inspired to write this poem in Boomerang Metaphors (invented by Hannah Gosselin ofMetaphors and Smiles) after reading the chat between Sherry and Elizabeth Crawford published on Monday the 1st June 2015 @ Poets United.



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