Wednesday, 1 June 2016

My Parents

Courtesy: Poets United

When you two fought
you never knew
how I burnt
in your wrath.
I was a water body,
too brine to taste.
But the Kal-boishakhi* days
were a sweet breeze to me.
For both of you sang together
those familiar songs
of our dear poet.
Though I dare say
your voices
were song-worthy at all.
yet each note bloomed
in my heart.
I still carry their fragrance.

*Violent thunderstorms in the Gangetic plains of India are locally known as Kal-Baisakhi or Nor'westers occurring from March till Monsoon establishes over North-East India: Wikipedia

Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Parents, Guardians, Significant Adults in the Lives of Children @ Poets United