Wednesday, 1 June 2016

My Parents

Courtesy: Poets United

When you two fought
you never knew
how I burnt
in your wrath.
I was a water body,
too brine to taste.
But the Kal-boishakhi* days
were a sweet breeze to me.
For both of you sang together
those familiar songs
of our dear poet.
Though I dare say
your voices
were song-worthy at all.
yet each note bloomed
in my heart.
I still carry their fragrance.

*Violent thunderstorms in the Gangetic plains of India are locally known as Kal-Baisakhi or Nor'westers occurring from March till Monsoon establishes over North-East India: Wikipedia

Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Parents, Guardians, Significant Adults in the Lives of Children @ Poets United


  1. Well captured, I know this too--the pendulum swing between anger and song. Wow! (Not song-worthy?)

  2. The memory of your parents singing Tagore together is so precious.

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous write.

  4. wow...this is so beautiful. I have this memory of my father and mother singing Tagore songs on monsoon days, when my mother was alive. Amazing brought me a bouquet of memories :) <3

  5. both passions touch a child in amazing ways, the wrath and the sweetness of song thanks for sharing these memories Sumana, so succintly

    Thanks for dropping by my blog today

    much love...

  6. This is such a lovely poem, Sumana. Tagore's monsoon songs is a treat indeed.

  7. I thought that the Kal-boishakhi reference was inspired - the turbulence and sweet aftermath of violent storms, much like the spectrum of human emotions in family relationships. A really exceptional piece, Sumana, nuanced with your lovely signature touches of culture and experience that distinguish your wonderful work.

  8. For all the sadness in our memories there is also the joy as well.

  9. I know how a small girl's spirit shrivels with the fighting. But I am glad there were times of singing and prayer as well.

  10. I think we all have a collection of memories of our parents. Hopefully more are of the positive than the negative; I love the image of each note blooming in your heart.

  11. Children feel everything so intensely.

  12. A song in your heart and a sweet fragrance - it seems that special people have the ability to be absorbed inside us in an almost elemental way.. a beautiful poem

  13. You said it so beautifully, Sumana! Rabindra Sangeet is part of our every day life. It's something that is very close to our hearts and we have grown up with it!!

  14. Love for your parents and culture shine through this beautiful poem.

  15. the disonence is brilliant. How storms bring peace, but peace brings storms.

  16. Violent storms can be frightening more so when they affect life and property. Perhaps they can be tolerated when one is distracted by good music or fragrances around us.


  17. sweet memories of childhood.Very nice

  18. yet, parents are our inspiration.

  19. I am glad you had some music to soothe the rough spots.

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