Wednesday, 19 November 2014



Give something healthy

To the body

To the mind

And to the soul



Rule the taste buds

Never let them be

Your lord

You are not the body, are you?


Be the ring master

Lash your mind

To go through

The fiery rings of restrain

If a tiger can do that with flames

Is a human a lesser being?

Practice is the key

And knowledge is mind’s food

Be selective for the mind’s diet

It should listen to us

For you are not the mind, are you?


Select dawn and dusk

To be with the soul

Feed it with the soft hued sky

Don’t be surprised

If events made of words

Want to play as pranksters

Frighten, excite or annoy you

Let the belligerent words

Rise out of the blue

Let them jostle and fight

Let them raise a hue and cry

Let Paris elope with Helen

Let a Kurukshetra happen

Be the witness

Simply a witness

Keep a watch

For a long time

Be amazed at the power of words

But don’t you ever mingle with them

Why should you?

You are not words, are you?

Keep a distance

And see how one day

All these fizzy thoughts

Burst into nothingness

All the waves recede

Tranquility reigns

And omnipotent Dweller

Of the body shines

 Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif~ Health @ Poets United