Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Bharatnatyam* Source

I really do not know

Who or what I am

All I feel is that

I am a bundle of consciousness

Entrapped in a weather beaten body

With a delusive mind

That often directs me

Into action

Making me its slave

A slave to its hunger

To its passions

To its desire

To its happiness

To its ailment

How I wish to break free

And have my own identity

What would that be like

I wonder though

May be a very abstract ‘I’

Without the attributes of a body,

A name, a gender, a religion,

A home, a language, a country

And never enthralled by this magic that world is

It would perhaps be very out of this world

Will that ‘I’ be infinite, eternal

Omniscient and omnipotent

I really do not know

All I know is that

I am a spark of consciousness

Intent to end this slavery

To find out my true identity


* Bharatnatyam is a form of Indian classical dance. Here the right hand of the performer is in the pose of Bhramara(Bumble-bee)-Hasta(hand). Bumble bee is regarded as auspicious. The left hand fingers are in the pose of Alapadma(Fully bloomed lotus) hasta, the rotating lotus of spiritual life. The eyes are directed towards the supreme lord. The left leg is lifted, symbolizing the swift ascent of the consciousness in one step from earth to the heaven.

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