Tuesday, 13 October 2015


courtesy: Bjorn Rudberg

I chisel to create you

Offspring you are

Of my soul

You are my desire

My passion

My joy

My refuge

My existence

I will live

With you




Posted for dVerse Poetics – Carved in Stone hosted by Bjorn 


In this fiery place I dwell

Where the blue is blazing

Flowers are still on fire

Flame of life flickering


Where the blue is blazing

Ember of grief lingers

The soul is smoldering

Flowers are still on fire

Bees, butterflies rushing

Thinking honey-days as never ending


Flame of life flickering

Dreaming of celestial fire of love

To wrap the burning soul



Posted for Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Fire

Thursday, 8 October 2015



The seed is deeply buried in heart

A time will come when it will burst

What will it bring forth, a song?

A rose? But only a dream of ammunition


A time will come when it will burst

Into language unknown

Nurtured by scorching heat of hatred             


What will it bring forth, a song?

Worded by lethal thorny prick

Crooned by voice that can’t sing of


A rose? But only a dream of ammunition

The seed has cracked the earth

And paused eyeing us all


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Shared with Poetry Pantry @ Poets United

Wednesday, 7 October 2015


courtesy: PU

Words that come from Teacher

Quiver with life

Touch us

Make us alive

To the world around us

We look up

Recognize our Guru

We are prepared

To walk with him

From darkness to light



Posted for Susan’s Midweek Motif ~ Teacher, One Who Teaches @ PoetsUnited

Monday, 5 October 2015

Towards Light

courtesy google image: by Khalil Gibran

This life is a child’s play with a doll house, at least for me. I had been playing like the luminous clouds hiding the sun, like the lunar smile outshining the sequined sky. Everyone is my playmate. I have played through squabbles and reconciliation, dislike and love. Like a river dancing along its banks and rushing seaward I’ve touched and been touched even by those whom I haven’t met and flowing towards the infinite with the hope of Seeing Thou, my ultimate Playmate. My doll’s house is broken though and the doll gone. Yet play is not done.


The past a thin mist

I sit by the radiant path

Eyes towards a light


The quote I chose: Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream


Posted for Haibun Monday 2 @ dVerse

Sunday, 4 October 2015

To Him


Celestial Bird of light

Thou art so rarest

Few fortunate souls

Find you

Recognize you

Follow you

They are the salt of the earth

Thou art born not only for them

But for us too

The worldly beings

Do we care?

Thou art our path to immortality

Do we care?

We are starving souls

Yet your words are manna dew

To appease hunger

Do we care?


We cling to this world

We kill


Our tongues are fire made

Heart of hatred

We speak

In the language of bullet

Our hands are made of Kalashnikov

Yet thou love us still

Thou hast kept us alive

So that we may look up and find you


Do we really care?


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