Sunday, 24 November 2013

The Bereaved Mother

Her bosom is a dreary desert
Her eyes dry river-bed
She walked the ragged stony path
Patriotism luring her away
Then her nest was robbed of her fledglings
At the altar of war
Now she has a sky full of blessing
And swears by non-violence
The whole world is her home
She breathes in every race
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Friday, 22 November 2013


courtesy : Google image 

          Bison of Altamira

Killing, eating, sleeping and breeding
Struggle was on day and night
Even then Beauty whispered
To the first Man
Words did not take form
Soul craved for something more
And Beauty whispered
In the darkness of caves
In the motion of bloody spears
On dewy grass blades
In the fragrance of petals
In the warm caress of a red dawn
 He listened, tasted, saw, smelt and felt
He was in love from the depth of his being
With the One so vague in his dream
For whom he was ready to leave his lances
He bore the agony, wordless passion alone
Until the day his slender fingers
Made the cave wall his canvas
Beatings of lines and colors were heard
Beauty expressed herself
In the impassioned form of the red bison
And embraced Man, Nature's wonder

Posted for  Hannah's Transformation Friday with Nature's Wonders @ Real Toads

Wednesday, 20 November 2013


Living for A day

Her maiden ramp-walk

Color palate, feline steps

She dazzles all eyes

Thunderous peals of applause rise

Flamboyant designer smiles

Couture weeks flame red

Consuming all beauty-moths

Of size zero fame

Hollow face, straw ribbed females

Sigh for symphony, light, life

Inspired by the prompt Lightning @ Poetry Jam

What Does the Fox Say

Sniffing air snooty fox

Cocks his ears and spots a cock

So cocksure that gives a leap

Complete cock-up Rooster slips

‘Lousy meal would a rooster make’

Thus saying, the cocky fox

Starts for his hole to lay his head

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Sunday, 17 November 2013


    Three word commitment

Her conspicuous pink flush

    Lights up his Eden

     Forbidden fruits hang

 Serpents swear to stir the blood

   Blithe spirits ignore 

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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

courtesy :


Was it ordinary or extraordinary
I dont know
But it relieved some
 And brought tears to others
This went on for generations
It wasnt loved but respected
For its incredible pace
But Times tyrannical hands
Played a fatal move
By replacing it with faster toys
So now good bye Telegram
Rest in Peace
 After a mammoth service period of 163years
In my land

We have heard of a promise
That the last telegram
Will be preserved as a museum piece
Your Requiem………

Posted for Poetry Jam & Verse First @ Poets United

Sunday, 10 November 2013

The Night Witnesses

 courtesy : Forest Terminal by Mike Worrall

A dilapidated station 
Is half awake
A maze of trees Lies in wait
A solitary soul
Draped in black
Lost in thought of remote past
Frozen lake
Nowhere to be seen
Unending rail tracks
Vanish into mists
All promises kept and all miles trodden
Lovely, deep woods must be paid heed to then
Tell tale clock nods, knows what will happen

Written for Sunday Challenge featuring Mike Worrall @ Real Toads & shared with Poetry Pantry @ Poets United


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

          If Ever

Just as all rivers turn to Ocean
And all faiths to Thou
I am not sure if my meandering thoughts
Will ever find the path of prayer to reach You

Just as some blotted out stars still shine
And the sky wears a new moon
I am not sure if my empty heart
Will ever be ablaze with love for Thou

Just as waterfall crashes with all its strength
And tears stream down a devotee’s face
I am not sure if my crusty soul
Will ever break to flow towards You

Just as the wind ripples the lakes and ponds
And murmurs in the jungle
Let Your Name ripple my being
Rid my mind of its trenches with Wicked Corner
Hold my fears of facing Truth at bay
Make not a splash ever
And I am sure
I shall not fall from Your Grace
Whether I am downhill, in the gorges or on mountaintops 

written for Real Toads (Challenge : Get Listed with Ed Pilolla) & also posted for Poetry Jam (challenge : What Do You Know for Sure?)