Friday, 22 November 2013


courtesy : Google image 

          Bison of Altamira

Killing, eating, sleeping and breeding
Struggle was on day and night
Even then Beauty whispered
To the first Man
Words did not take form
Soul craved for something more
And Beauty whispered
In the darkness of caves
In the motion of bloody spears
On dewy grass blades
In the fragrance of petals
In the warm caress of a red dawn
 He listened, tasted, saw, smelt and felt
He was in love from the depth of his being
With the One so vague in his dream
For whom he was ready to leave his lances
He bore the agony, wordless passion alone
Until the day his slender fingers
Made the cave wall his canvas
Beatings of lines and colors were heard
Beauty expressed herself
In the impassioned form of the red bison
And embraced Man, Nature's wonder

Posted for  Hannah's Transformation Friday with Nature's Wonders @ Real Toads


  1. What a lovely awakening to paint the beauty of nature in the canvas ~

  2. had the hardest time getting your comment box to work tonight...pretty cool moment you capture...when the first artist found the desire to express important moment as well..

  3. "colors were heard" love that...such an imaginative piece

  4. That is a perfect ending. Very well-penned. :-)

  5. Such an elemental piece..great words...

  6. Your words took me to this place. I could feel this happening to the first man, the awakening to beauty which demanded more of him than eating and sleeping and hunting.
    Thank you.

  7. I love the way you described early man and part of his awakening!


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