Wednesday, 21 August 2013

For  :  Poetry Jam

Prompt - VISION

He painted murals
Walls and ceilings reflected his light
Sometimes he would be found strolling in the garden
Soaking up all the fragrance and colors inward
His brush moved so fast ……
In split seconds his canvases spoke
Though his world was getting blurred day by day
He never lost hope and grew a strong inner eye
His brush didn’t stop though vision did
He turned his hand to sculpture
And he did bring life to stones
Smilingly he would say
“Leaving the world of color
I am now enjoying this world of shape”

For   :  Verse First ~ I Cried Out


Everything is so noisy these days
I am not having a wink of sleep (cry)

I hear my swollen knees and ankles
In their sinister voices telling me
 Hey how dare you climb so many stairs?

I rather not dwell on my mind…ugh!
It has become a forest, my own making of course (sigh)
Harboring tigers and lions, rhinos and monkeys
Pouncing and roaring, chasing and screeching……..
I shudder………….and …………I hear…..    Is it my voice?

“What! It is my body. Not I the body
And I cannot be the mind. It’s my mind.
They are my possessions. They are not I.”

Then “I” must be something different………..
Now I am in search of my “I”……


For  :

Haiku Heights #272 - Fresh


Parched earth sighs for rain
Black beauties shake off droplets
Fresh greenery sprouts