Saturday, 9 August 2014


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I wonder

So many souls

Living so farther away

From time and space


Speak alike


A Lazarus journey

They took


This world


It goes beyond my grasp

How could it be?


What does it matter

If I choose to be an atheist

And think this life

To be one and only

This world to be one and only

Death to be the end of everything

Or If I am a believer

Have faith in God

In the immortality of the soul

And in rebirth

And I feel my life fleeing

Hushed and gentle like the gazelle



Always remains

The Truth


Inspired by Gabriela Mistral’s poem Dusk, I used the last two lines (in italics & red fonts) of Dusk in my poem. This is written for Grace’s Sunday’s Mini-challenge: Gabriela Mistral @ Real Toads


I’m also sharing the poem with Poetry Pantry @ Poets United