Wednesday, 11 September 2013

For :  Poetry Jam
&      Verse First


On enchanting stormy nights
When candle flickered
And ma and grandma prodded the clay oven
To keep the ember alight
When aroma of fried *hilsa and **khichdi
Wafted up from the kitchen
We would ride happily on grandpa’s Pegasus
The old voice lovingly spun never ending tales
Though the moment’s dreamland melted away
When storms receded and powers returned
Still such moments were frequent
Once upon a time……………
That fairyland of my childhood
Where I was pampered and fed on stories
Where ‘Raindrops on roses
And whiskers on kittens’
Blessed my blithe soul
Where that old voice stood by me
In most of my trials
Has been taken away
 By the omnipotent Time
Who however hasn’t snatched away
These memories till now
I hope they last and not get lost

*this fish is an icon of Bengali cuisine
**a preparation made from rice and lentils



  1. A lovely nostalgic and evocative poem Sumana! We are right there with you.
    "That fairyland of my childhood
    Where I was pampered and fed on stories" - A perfect childhood.

  2. This is one of my favorite poems of yours, Sumana. I can feel the love you have for that time of your childhood. Keep those memories close always.

  3. You painted a picture of childhood with that verse:)

  4. You had a wonderful childhood, beautiful memories to cherish :)

  5. You describe a wonderful childhood!

  6. Beautiful memories. I know how much impact relationships with our grandparents when we are small has on us. I loved this poem, Sumana.


  7. thank you friends for your heartfelt words......

  8. The memory we are all nostalgic about. As long as you keep them in your heart - your connection with childhood
    - safe. :)x

  9. Those precious memories stay with us for a lifetime, no matter what. They remain in our souls, hearts.

  10. "The old voice lovingly spun never ending tales"... and it lives and feeds you still. Very sweet poem full of memories.

  11. A beautiful place and time to return to in your mind.

  12. A wonderful place of warmth and security--I hope those memories do last!


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