Sunday, 19 January 2014

She had plucked a handful of stars
They adorned her long black hair
Her graceful moonlight step
Gave a new rhythm to thousand feet
When she made love with her enigmatic eyes
With the legendary Uttam Kumar
My daughter’s heart melted
So did mine, my ma’s and my grandma’s
Newlywed couples watched  Suchitra-Uttam** films
Rather than go on honeymoon
They held us enthralled for decades
Our sweet heart of all time
Was a true enigma
Not once did she step out of her self-willed wall
Decades after decades
Except on brief outdoor sojourns to spiritual places
Did she become a social recluse to glitter
Forever in the vast firmament of her fans’ hearts
As the same ethereal beauty?
Two days ago when she breathed her last
My land grieved for the octogenarian
Her near and dear ones honored her wish
By not lifting the veil of mystery
No one saw her bar a few loved ones
As she slept forever on the bed of flame
Fire consumed all but not her name
In million hearts does she dwell
One, whom age does not wither nor custom stale

*Suchitra Sen (Bengali pronunciation: [ʃuːtʃiːraː ʃeːn]  listen (help·info)), born Rama Dasgupta (  listen (help·info); 6 April 1931 – 17 January 2014), was an Indian actress who acted in several Bengali and a few Hindi films. The movies in which she was paired opposite Uttam Kumar became classics in the history of Bengali Cinema**.[1] A film critic summed up Suchitra Sen's career and continuing legacy as "one half of one of Indian cinema's most popular and abiding screen pairs, Suchitra Sen redefined stardom in a way that few actors have done, combining understated sensuality, feminine charm and emotive force and a no-nonsense gravitas to carve out a persona that has never been matched, let alone surpassed in Indian cinema"…courtesy : Wikipedia

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  1. i am sorry for the loss of such a great icon...and one that has endured time as well...wonderful imagery in the opening gambit as well with the stars in the hair and the echo of the footprints....

  2. Beautifully penned. A great tribute to Suchitra Sen. I always remember the song- "Tere bina zindagi se koi shikwa to nahi" when I hear her name.

  3. ..a beautiful ode to a lost gem, she is... she would be proud to hear this read before her... smiles...

  4. One of the jobs of reading other work is to learn from other cultures.

  5. I so love the handful of stars in her hair....this is a wonderful tribute to her, Sumana. Lovely.

  6. I didn't know her, but love her through your words!

  7. Thank you for sharing this with us. I enjoyed learning about this shining star in your cinema. Your words are a fine tribute.

  8. I had never heard of Suchitra Sen but enjoyed what I read. It is a beautiful tribute to this woman!

  9. I love how you drew her portrait, building slowly to her death, and then it is still what wwe see, unchanged since early stardom. Mystery enhanced by this poem!

  10. She was a diva. Her legacy will live through her beaituful daughter and grand daughters.

  11. This was such a gorgeous tribute to what sounds to be an amazing actress and person. I feel now as if I know her.

  12. Hi Sumana. I just read your interview at P.U.
    What a beautiful tribute to this actress. How kind of you to remember her not just as a movie star, but as a person who brought art and joy to many.

  13. Your admiration is so very clear.

  14. Great tribute for the legendary actress..

  15. a lovely tribute you have written. i have not heard of this actress, but she must have touched the hearts of the masses.

  16. Visiting one more time! Such a wonderful interview over at Poets United! Smiles.

  17. Stars in her hair, what a beautiful line :)


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